Born in Mexico City, 1982Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa Education 2005BFA with Honours, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, South Africa Solo Exhibitions2023Georgina Gratrix, Monica De Cardenas, Milano2022The Cult of Ugliness, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town (upcoming)2021THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts, DurbanThe Reunion: Georgina Gratrix, Norval Foundation, Cape Town2020The Pleasure is Mine, Nicodim, Los AngelesNine Weeks, Nicodim Upstairs, Los Angeles2017On Repeat, SMAC Gallery, Johannesburg2016Puppy Love, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town2014Georgina Gratrix: Recent, WIE Projects, Cape Town2013Georgina Gratrix: The Berlin Paintings, Die Tankstelle in association w Nolan Judin Gallery,Berlin2012My Show, SMAC Gallery, Stellenbosch2010Everything Ecstatic, Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam2008Master Copy, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town

Selected Group Exhibitions 2022Fifty Sounds, Gallery Kiche, SeoulWould you still love me if I painted parrots all day?, Dirimart, Istanbul2021Opening Exhibition, FNB Art Joburg, SMAC Gallery, JohannesburgEverything & The Art(s), Page Gallery, Seoul021 - 2021, Stevenson Gallery, Amsterdam2020Hollywood Babylon, Nicodim Los Angeles, AUTRE Magazine, Deitch Projects, Los AngelesSHAPING THINGS: An exploration of clay and ceramics in contemporary South African artpractice, SMAC Gallery, StellenboschA Show of Solidarity, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town2019That Was Then, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town,Skin Stealers, Nicodim, Los AngelesAmpersand Foundation Award 21 years celebration exhibition, University of Johannesburg ArtGallery (JAG), JohannesburgEverybody loves the sunshine, Plus-One Gallery, AntwerpPunch, Jeffrey Dietch, Los Angeles2018Wish You Were Here, SMAC Gallery, Cape TownEverybody loves the sunshine, Plus-One Gallery, AntwerpPROOF, SMAC Gallery, StellenboschPrint Promises, Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town2017X: Part III, SMAC Gallery, StellenboschX: Part I, SMAC Gallery, Stellenbosch2016Summer Show ’16, SMAC Gallery, StellenboschTHERE and BACK, W|E Projects, Cape TownForming Impressions: The Ghost in the Machine, Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery,Cape TownThinking, Feeling, Head, Heart, curated by Marilyn Martin, New Church Museum, Cape TownUPSTART/STARTUP, SMAC Gallery, Johannesburg2015Nandos Broken Monsters Charity Art Show, [Travelling Exhibition], The Craft + DesignInstitute, Cape Town; Nandos Central Head Office, Johannesburg2014Typography, SMAC Gallery, Cape TownPAPERWORK: An Exhibition of Contemporary South African Works on Paper, SMAC Gallery,Stellenbosch2013Pop Goes the Revolution, New Church Museum, Cape TownGift, W|E Projects, Cape TownThe Xmas Show, SMAC Gallery, Cape TownBack to the Future: Abstract Art in South Africa Past and Present, SMAC Gallery, StellenboschOff the Press, W|E Projects, Cape TownThe Beautyful Ones, curated by Storm Janse van Rensburg, Nolan Judin Gallery, Berlin5 Years in Print: 2008-2012, W|E Projects, Cape Town2012Subject as Matter, curated by Penny Siopis, New Church Museum, Cape TownPAINT I: Contemporary South African Painting 2002 – 2012, SMAC Gallery, Cape TownOur Fathers, Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape TownCollection 16, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town2011Horse, Multiple Views of a Singular Beast, curated by Ricky Burnett, CIRCA Gallery,JohannesburgBeguiling: The Self and The Subject, University of Cape Town, Irma Stern Museum,Cape TownCollection 14, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town¡ALPTRAUM! [Travelling Exhibition], Transformer, Washington D.C, USA; Cell Project Space,London, UK; Deutscher Kuenstlerbund, Berlin; The Company, Los Angeles;Blank projects, Cape Town; Green Papaya Art Project & Telenobela, ManilaCollection 13, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town2010From Pierneef to Gugulective: an overview of South African Art from 1910 to 2010, Iziko SouthAfrican National Gallery, Cape TownMonotype, Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape TownDIVISIONS: Aspects of South African Art 1948-2010, SMAC Gallery, StellenboschManet’s Too Tight to Mention, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town2009Holiday, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape TownFresh Fruits, Ten Haaf Projects, AmsterdamPrinting Money, The South African Print Gallery, Cape TownStudio Visit, Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape TownManifesto, CO-OP, JohannesburgRegistration, Warren Editions & João Ferreira Gallery, Cape TownConversations, Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape Town2008Big Wednesday, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape TownFresh Meat, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town2007Finding UCT: Narratives New and Old in the UCT Permanent Collection, Centre for AfricanStudies, University of Cape Town (UCT), Cape Town2006All Creatures Great and Small, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape TownNot yet Famous: Nobody Like Nothing, WHATIFTHEWORLD, Cape Town Selected Public and Private Collections Collection Leridon, Paris, France.Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection, MiamiEllerman House Art Collection, Cape TownIziko South African National Gallery, Cape TownMissoni Collection, MilanKilbourn Collection, Cape Town, JohannesburgNandos Arts Collection, LondonNorval Foundation, Cape TownSpier Arts Collection, Cape TownUniversity of Cape Town Art Collection, Cape TownWiese Collection, Stellenbosch Awards and Residencies2022Artist in Residence, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town2018Crossing Night, A4 Foundation Artistic Residency Program, OaxacaArtist in Residence, Ampersand Foundation, New York CityDiscovery Prize, Art Brussels 50th Anniversary, Tour & Taxis, BrusselsAmpersand Fellowship Award, Ampersand Foundation, New York2013Artist in Residence, Nirox Foundation Sculpture Park, Johannesburg2009Artist in Residence, TAKT Studios, Berlin