Born in Chatham, Kent, England, 1959Lives and works in Kent Selected Solo Exhibitions 2017Mountain view house, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas2016Incomprehensibly but Certainly, Stiftung Opelvillen, RüsselsheimThe House at Grass Valley, Carl Freedman Gallery, LondonBilly Childish in Print (A Survey), Rochester Art Gallery, Kent2015Billy Childish at Cactus Garden, Galleria Paolo Curti Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co., MilanoAt Segantinis Hut, Neugerriemschneider, Berlin2014Paintings Sweet Paintings: Billy Childish, Matthias Dornfeld, Neuer; Aachener Kunstverein, AachenSaint Moritz Art Masters: Billy Childish, French Church, St. MoritzEdge of the Forest, Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong2013Darkness Was Here Yesterday, Carl Freedman Gallery, LondonAll Apparent Achievements and Misdemeanours Are Non Defining, Neugerriemschneider, BerlinPaintings That Change the Universe Like Digging in the Gutter with a Broken Lolly Stick / Lehmann Maupin, New YorkAnimal Totems Lying Poets and other Mundane Renditions in Paint, International Art Objects, Los Angeles2012Gallery Hyundai, SeoulL-13 Light Industrial Workshop, LondonDockyard Museum, Chatham, KentNeugerriemschneider, BerlinFrozen Estuary and Other Paintings of the Divine, Hoxton Arches, London2011I am the Billy Childish, Lehmann Maupin, New York2010Billy Childish: Unknowable but Certain, ICA, LondonWhite Columns, New YorkL-13 Gallery, London, UKNeugerriemschneider Gallery, Berlin2004Simon Finch Gallery, LondonHanding the Loaded Revolver to the Enemy: Homage to Vincent Van Gogh, Aquarium Gallery, London2003L-13 Gallery, London1999Metropole Arts Centre, The Leas, Folkstone1995Cubitt Gallery, London1994Cubitt Gallery, London1990Westwerk, Hamburg19885 Dryden Street, London1986De Media, Belgium

Selected Group Exhibitions 2018Franz Gertsch, Alex Katz, Billy Childish, Galleria Monica De Cardenas, Zuoz2016Our Friend Larionov, All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Moscow2015Blue Pink Black, Carl Freedman Gallery, LondonThe Islanders, Galerie Mikael Andersen, CopenhagenDas Unendliche im Endlichen. Romantik und Gegenwart, Kunstsammlung Jena, JenaFuture Seasons Past, Lehmann Maupin, New YorkHorizon, Lehmann Maupin, Hong Kong2014Our Friend Larionov, Pushkin House, London2011I Followed You into the Water, Lehmann Maupin, New YorkOn Shuffle,/ Lehmann Maupin, New York2010Infiltrations, L-13 Gallery, London2009I Am the Good Artist, L-13 Gallery, LondonWith or Without God / L-13 Gallery, London2000British Art Show 5′, City Art Centre, Edinburg; Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; Dean Gallery Edinburg; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburg, Inverleith House – Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburg Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburg; Stills, Edinburg, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburg, John Hansard Gallery, Southhampton, Millais Gallery – Southhampton Institute, Southhampton; Southhampton City Art Gallery, Southhampton; Centre for Visual Art, Cardiff; Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff; Ffotogallery, Cardiff; National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff; Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham1997Multiple Choice,Cubitt Gallery, London1992Galerie Spaarkrediet, Belgium1991The Kelly Family, Esther Schipper Gallery, Cologne Publications 2013Billy Childish: painting that change the universe like digging in the gutter with a broken lolly stick / Koenig Books / Ltd / London2012Frozen Estuary and Other Paintings of the Divine Ordinary / L-13 Light Industrial Workshop / London2011The Stonemason / L-13 Light Industrial Workshop / LondonParaffin Van (Also published under the title I Fuckt Frida Kahlo as a Faber and Faber lookalike.)Forgotten Letters: An Anthology of Dyslexic Writing / R.A.S.P. / LondonDwang 3 / Tangerine Press / Tooting2010Dwang 2 / Tangerine Press / TootingColour Blinds Music Deafens Taste Burns My Throat and the Poets Massacre / Tangerine Press / Tooting2009Selected Poems: Penguin Classic “Art” Edition / L-13 Light Industrial WorkshopThe Uncorrected Billy Chyldish / Tangerine Press / TootingUnknowable but Certain / Blackheath Books / LondonDwang 1 / Tangerine Press / TootingThe Hedonists Guide to Life / Filmer Ltd / LondonPenny-Ante: Three / Los AngelesPunk Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories Inspired by Punk / Portico / London Nineteen Raptures / NB Publishing / London2008Gods Fantastic Colours – Hand stamped covers. Note: some copies appear with different titles and different author and publisher: Art War / Man Taken from Guts and Insolunce in the Face of Art being examplesWhere the Tiger Prowls Stripped and Unseen / The Aquarium / LondonOld 4 Legs / The Aquarium / LondonThis is My Shit and it Smells Good to Me / The Aquarium / London2007the idiocy of idears / L-13 Light Industrial Workshop / London2006The Edgier Waters / Snowbooks Ltd / London2005A River Anthology / Urban Fox Press / ChathamMagazine No. 1 / X-Ray Book Company / Ventura, US9 Stories of the River Medway Recounted in the Language of Idiots for People of Little Discernment / Urban Fox Press / ChathamThe River be My Blud: Medway Poems 1980-2005 / Urban Fox Press / ChathamThe Man with Gallows Eyes – Selected Poetry 1980-2005 / The Aquarium / London2004The 1st Green Horse God has Ever Made / Urban Fox Press / ChathamKnite of the Sad Face / Chap Book / The Aquarium / LondonSex Crimes of the Futcher / The Aquarium / LondonCalling Things by Their Proper Names / Hangman Books / Chatham2003The Boss of All English Riters / Hangman Books / ChathamEvidence Against Myself / Hangman Books / Chatham2000Notebooks of a Naked Youth / Codex Books / HoveIn 5 Minutes You’ll Know Me: Selected Poems 1985-1995 / Sympathetic Press / Long BeachMy Fault / Codex Books / HoveThis Purile Thing / Imprint 93 / Compiled and Edited by Matthew Higgs1999Chatham Town Welcomes Desperate Men / Hangman Books / Chatham1997I’d Rather You Lied: Selected Poems 1980-1998 / Codex Books / Hove1996A Terrible Hunger for Love: Unpublished poems 1982-84 / Hangman Books / ChathamBig Hart and Balls / Hangman Books / Rochester1994Poems to Break the Harts of Impossible Princesses / Hangman Books / Rochester1993Days with a Hart Like a Dog / Hangman Books / RochesterHunger at the Moon / Sympathetic Press / Long BeachTrembling of Life / Damaged Goods / London1992Poems of Laughter and Violence: Selected Poems 1981-1986 / Hangman Books / RochesterThe Hart Rises / Hangman Books / Rochester1991Like a God i Love all Things / Hangman Books / Rochester1990The Deathly Flight of Angels / Hangman Books / Rochester1989Death of a Wood / Hangman Books / RochesterThe Silence of Words / Hangman Books / RochesterEn Carne Viva: Poemas 1984 – 1988 / Spanish /English / Stultifera Navis / Barcelona1988Admissions to Strangers / Hangman Books / RochesterMaverick Verse / Hangman Books / RochesterCannon Fodder / by Louis-Ferdinand Celine / Trans. 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